I am having a blast, even though it might look otherwise!

I am in the middle of a MAJOR rearrangement of the studio. The Studio/Sanctuary was built 13 years ago. At that time I was a fiber collage artist. The Studio itself was designed with that medium in mind. Definitely NOT for painting. Now that I have transitioned to encaustic painting, I am experiencing the limitations of that former design.

I need more open wall space in order to hang the paintings and see them from afar. I need less stuff around me, tools and materials that I no longer use. I need a bigger table, cleared off for bigger paintings. I need the feeling of space and expansiveness.

As in almost any creative endeavor, I start by making a mess, and get comfortable with the chaos. With some trepidation, I start. Then I cull, cull the stuff, the materials, the fabric, the paper, the tools, the old and unfinished projects.  But once over that threshold, I revel in the process. I feels so good! All along I am cleaning, too. And slowly, slowly order and form begin to appear again. And the space is revealed, open, clear, clean, physically as well as energetically.

I am creating new space. Inside my psyche and without.